Smart Home System

Our Team will assist you through the Design, Infrastructure, First Fix, Network Pulling, Installation and Programming for your Automation System, Tailored for your needs to allow improving your life's quality along with saving money in the same time.
Our System Includes, but not limited to:
1- Lighting Control.
2- Dimming Control.
3- Shutters / Curtains Control.
4- A/C Control.
5- Sound System Control.
6- Security Systems.
7- Surveillance Systems.
8- Intelligent Doors.
9- Integrating All the above suiting your needs.

Lighting Control System

A lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices. Lighting control systems are widely used on both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial and residential spaces.
Lighting control systems are employed to maximize the energy savings from the lighting system, satisfy building codes, or comply with green building and energy conservation programs. Lighting control systems may include a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience and security. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Lighting is the deliberate application of light to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect (e.g. illumination of a security breach).

Motorized Curtains / Shutters Control System

Allows the maximum use from direct sun light, motorized curtains / shutters, to maximize your comfort save energy, thus save money. Curtains / Shutters Control System works with harmony with all our control systems for additional convenience.

Air Conditioning Control

Our System Devices allows the full control for Air-Conditioning Units Power, Fan Speed, Heating, Cooling and Temperature, and also provides the integration of the air conditioning system with various systems installed in your Home/Building such as Lighting, BMS, Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting Systems.
We Proudly announce the Exclusivity for our system in controlling Split/Concealed Units fully control without any alters in control card installed in the unit.

Dimming Control System

Dimming Control System allows the Brightness Control for your Lighting fixtures to maximize energy saving through lux detectors which are installed in your Building/Home to calculate the lux supplied through the direct sun light and the lux needed in that particular area then alters the lighting fixtures brightness to fill the missing from sun light.

Mobile Interface

S.I.C R&D Team had successfully developed a Smart Host, which enables your Building / Home to be Integrated into your Mobile Phone in addition of Voice Command feature.
Our Host Exclusively allows the Integration for All the Following:
1- Amazon Echo
2- Google Home
5- Apple Pods.


Design, Supply Install and Commission for Buildings & Home Automation Systems.

KNX System

    Based on your Needs and Budget Our Team will assist you in determining the best solution and corresponding brand which will be integrated into your Building/Home and Life to enable you more comfortable, luxurious, cost reductive and convenient  life.

Video Intercom System

    Our Video Intercom System will make your life easier by carrying your front door and lock with you, enabling you to communicate with anyone at your door while you are away and even unlocking your doors if needed.

Automatic Garage Doors

    SIC Specializes in Automatic Garage Doors and will Integrate it with your Smart Home System to allow the control over the gate 24 hours a day.

About Us

S.I.C was Established in 2019, by Certified Experienced Engineers, Specializing in the following:

KNX ( Automation ) Systems.
Wiring Devices.
Video Intercom System.
CCTV & IP Surveillance Systems.
Automatic Garage Doors.
Specialized Control Cables.
Selected Reference Projects
Al Baraka Bank – HQ
Al Baraka Bank Admin Building
PepsiCo CFC – Design Only
Hassan Allam Properties Office – CFC
The Address Hotel – Marassi
AstraZeneca Office – New Cairo
SAVOY Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh
Marassi - The Address Hotel
Palm Hills Villa
Concord Gardens Villa
Pyramid Hills Villa

Associated Brands
Schneider Electric
What We Do
Lighting Control System
Motorized Shutters/Curtains Control
Air Condition Control ( Split / Concealed / Fan Coil / VRV / VRF )
DALI Dimming Control
Time Schedules
Motion Sensors
Mobile Applications
Security System
Surveillance System
The ability to design and manufacture a competitive Smart-Home System affordable to everyone.
Operational Efficiency.
Interfacing with world standard protocols.
Cost Efficiency.
Competitive Features.


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